The United Kingdom and the British Red Cross, convinced that international humanitarian law (IHL) remains an appropriate and relevant framework for regulating the conduct of all forms of armed conflict, and that the human suffering caused by armed conflicts would be significantly reduced if IHL were properly implemented, welcome the recent initiatives to strengthen and to ensure greater respect for international humanitarian law.

With the support of the British Red Cross in its auxiliary and international humanitarian law roles, the United Kingdom will explore and give effect to concrete ways to enhance knowledge and strengthen the application of international humanitarian law, and to reinforce dialogue on international humanitarian law issues.

Action plan

  • The UK, with the support of the British Red Cross, contributes to continued efforts to strengthen compliance with international humanitarian law, including through input to the World Humanitarian Summit and its follow up.
  • The UK engages in further work on strengthening international humanitarian law protecting persons deprived of their liberty, co-operating with the British Red Cross as appropriate.
  • The UK and the British Red Cross promote the establishment of weapons reviews as envisaged under Article 36 of Additional Protocol I to the 1949 Geneva Conventions, and encourage the sharing of best practice.
  • The UK and the British Red Cross continue to encourage discussion and effective implementation of international humanitarian law within the Commonwealth.

Pledge data

Pledge by British Red Cross and United Kingdom

Number: SP320134

Country: United Kingdom

Themes: Detention, Strengthening IHL, Weapons

Institution: Government, National Society

Pledge type: Specific


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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