Strengthening National Society’s Laws or Decrees. [By deadline], we the National Society of […] and the Government of […] pledge to work together in order to further define and/or to strengthen the legal status of the National Society in domestic law in line with the Fundamental principles and the Statutes of the Movement and with past resolutions adopted by the International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (International Conference), with particular attention to

  • the distinct and privileged status of a National Society in the domestic legal order and the balanced relationship which should exist between a National Society and its public authorities;
  • the National Society’s auxiliary role to public authorities in the humanitarian field, as duly defined in Resolution 2 adopted by the 30th International Conference (2007) and in Resolution 4 of the 31st International Conference (2011) – for instance by defining the areas in which the National Society supplements or substitutes for public humanitarian services;
  • the duty of public authorities to respect at all times the adherence by the National Society to the Fundamental Principles of the Movement, and in particular the principles of neutrality and independence, as required under Resolution 55(I) of the General Assembly of the United Nations;
  • the support and resourcing due by the public authorities to the National Society in order to contribute to its work and long-term development, including through the recognition of certain privileges such as exemptions from taxes and duties; and to
  • the prerogative and entitlement of a National Society to make use of and to display the emblem in accordance with the 1949 Geneva Conventions and their Additional Protocols.

Action plan

Action plan and proposed measures:

  • Develop a strategy, including the establishment of a senior level steering committee entrusted to guide the process and to facilitate the consultations between the National Society and concerned public authorities;
  • Ensure that the draft of the National Society Law or Decree reflects the minimum standards included in the Model law on the recognition of the National Societies and in relevant resolutions and rules adopted by the International Conference;
  • Inform the National Society’s Branches of the legal base reform initiative and solicit their input;
  • Solicit the support and advice of the ICRC, of the International Federation and of the Joint ICRC/International Federation Statutes Commission and take their recommendations into consideration before the submission of the draft recognition law or decree to the competent Parliamentary or Governmental authority.

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Themes: Fundamental principles, NS statutes and legal base, Safe humanitarian access


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