Effective Access for Immigration Detention Monitoring

Diwaka Prakash, Assistant Director, International Legal Branch, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Diwaka.prakash@dfat.gov.au
Leone Fuz, A/g Director, Department of Immigration and Border Protection leone.fuz@border.gov.au, external.accountability@border.gov.au


The Australian Government (Department of Immigration and Border Protection -DIBP) continues to facilitate the ongoing access for the Australian Red Cross to all Immigration Detention Facilities, and increased access to APOD in WA, VIC, QLD and NT. Given the current arrangements are suitable to both parties, it is agreed that the review of the current MOU should be postponed.


There is increased positive engagement between DIBP’s International Division and the Australian Red Cross, regarding the situation of asylum seekers and refugees transferred to Australia from Nauru and Manus and the US resettlement agreement.  DIBP will continue to engage with the Australian Red Cross to keep them informed on the progress of this agreement.


The Australian Government (DIBP) continues to facilitate regular high level meetings between the Australian Red Cross and key departmental Senior Executives to discuss issues of concern and issues arising in Australian Red Cross reports.


The Australian Red Cross were invited by DIBP to review a number of key Detention Standard Operating Procedures. The Australian Red Cross provided useful feedback.  A concern raised by the Australian Red Cross was that they had not been provided opportunity to consult on a range of other key policies and procedures, in particular, the Child Safeguarding Framework and Detention Capability Framework before finalisation.  The Child Protection Panel invited Australian Red Cross Migration Support Programs to a briefing on the findings on the review, and consulted with them during the course of the review. DIBP has also indicated its support for the Child Protection Panel to meet with Australian Red Cross again during the follow up review later in 2017.