Sexual and gender-based violence during times of armed conflict or in the aftermath of disasters and other emergencies

Rikke Ishøy, chief strategic advisor, riish@rodekors.dk


The DRC is part of the SGBV working group under the global gender and diversity network. DRC has supported the development of an educational module on psycosocial support for survivors of SGBV. It supports its roll out as part of its psycosocial programmes in particular in the MENA region. The DRC provided input to a global study on inclusion of SGBV in national disaster response legislation.

The DRC is also providing input to the development of an SGBV module for the IFRC seven moves gender and diversity training.

In Denmark the DRC provides health and psycosocial services to survivors of SGBV at our health clinics forpersons with no Danish identity papers.