International Criminal Court

Jaye Ho, War Crimes Policy Officer - International Criminal Court, jaye.ho@fco.gov.uk


The European External Action Service was tasked with compiling a paper consisting of recommendations on how to re-initiate a global trend towards universality of the Rome Statute of the ICC (RS).


The EEAS is working on this draft and has consulted institutions and civil society which have provided input. The EEAS hopes to conclude the process in June 2017 so that the paper can be discussed at EU working group level in September. The paper will provide concrete recommendations and practical actions for the EU and its member states to play a more active and consistent role on promoting universality.


The UK coordinates with other EU member states to promote the universality of the Rome Statute.  We encourage non-state parties to accede to the Rome Statute and are happy to offer support to any State that is in the process of ratifying the Rome Statute or needs assistance in adopting the national legislation needed to enact the full implementation of the Rome Statute.


We are focusing our efforts on targeted countries based on where we believe there is a good chance of persuading them to sign up through further lobbying.