Health Care in Danger: Identify Health Care Providers and Increase Respect for the Emblems

Name: Ms. Ana Pereira
Position: Legal counsellor at the Department of Legal Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Portugal
Email: ana.costapereira@mne.pt


Within the framework of the Permanent Consultation Mechanism established between them in compliance with their joint pledge submitted at the 31st International Conference, Portugal and the Portuguese Red Cross have agreed on a joint action plan involving relevant governmental departments (e.g. the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Internal Administration) and including the following legislative, regulatory and practical measures:

  • assessing relevant legislation on the use of distinctive emblems;
  • designing a road-map of the current misuses of distinctive emblems in Portugal;
  • creating a national monitoring system for preventing the misuse of distinctive emblems;
  • promoting campaigns on the recognition and correct use of distinctive emblems by relevant authorities and the general public;
  • exchanging good practices to prevent and discipline the misuse of distinctive emblems;
  • translating the comic book The Story of an Idea: A Comic by Moebius to Portuguese.