The refugee situation of the past year has made it even more evident that access to protection and humanitarian assistance is essential to effectively address the needs and increased vulnerabilities of migrants in Sweden. Therefore, the Swedish Red Cross, as auxiliary to the government in the humanitarian field, and the Swedish government agree to increase cooperation in order to scale up availability and access to support for migrants.

With reference to:

  • the 2011 IC resolution 3 on Migration: ensuring access, dignity, respect for diversity and social inclusion, which calls upon States, in line with relevant international law and national legislation, to grant to migrants appropriate international protection and ensure their access to relevant services, such as Restoring Family Links.


The Government of Sweden and the Swedish Red Cross pledge jointly by the end of 2019 to:

  • Renew and implement the commitments made in Resolution 3 of the 31st International Conference to address the humanitarian concerns related to the situation of migrants, their access to appropriate international protection and relevant services such as Restoring Family Links, including tracing of missing persons and family reunification.[1]
  • Cooperate to scale up availability of support to migrants in the areas of Reception, Asylum, Restoring Family Links, Psychosocial support, Integration, Immigration Detention and Return by facilitating the role of the National Society in these areas, in particular ensuring a dignified reception and integration of unaccompanied minors by practices and programs that promote their rights and wellbeing.
  • Work together to ensure access to relevant services, including treatment, rehabilitation and psychological support, for migrants victims of torture or that have experienced particularly traumatizing situations linked to armed conflict and/or perilous migratory routes.

[1] Resolution 3, Migration: Ensuring Access, Dignity, Respect for Diversity and Social Inclusion, adopted by the 31st International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in 2011.

Action plan

Proposed evaluation criteria

  • Enhanced cooperation between the public authorities and the Swedish Red Cross in providing support services to migrants in the areas of Reception, Asylum, Restoring Family Links, Psychosocial Support, Integration, Immigration Detention and Return.
  • Increased capacity-building of relevant stakeholders in the areas of treatment and rehabilitation of victims of torture or trauma related to armed conflict or perilous migratory routes, international protection, Restoring Family Links, Immigration Detention and Return, with special focus on vulnerable groups.
  • Methods and practices are put in place to identify early migrants’ needs and vulnerabilities building upon Swedish Red Cross expertise and ensuring “do no harm” principles as well as personal data protection.

Pledge data

Pledge by Swedish Red Cross

Number: SP320192

Country: Sweden

Themes: Auxiliary role, Capacity building, Migration, Partnership, Resource mobilisation, Restoring family links

Institution: National Society

Pledge type: Specific


Swedish Red Cross

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