The Spanish Red Cross pledges to promote volunteering among and with those National Societies who might need it as an expression of our commitment to strengthen our character of organizations of volunteers:

  1. Identifying volunteering as an essential form of social participation;
  1. Recognizing the core role played by volunteers in our organizations and the social value they bring to our respective National Societies;
  1. Recognizing the fact that volunteers perform an indispensable role in the intervention in situations of vulnerability, contributing to social justice, community development, the increase in the capacities of the people with whom they are working to save lives and to change minds.

Action plan

  1. National Societies should reflect the social and cultural diversity of their respective countries at all levels of their teams of volunteers and their decision-making bodies.
  2. National Societies should modernize their current volunteering structures as a key to sustainability and capacity in providing services to the most vulnerable people.
  3. National Societies should increase investment in sustainable mobilization of internal resources through the provision of relevant services to society that remain consistent with our Fundamental Principles.

Pledge data

Pledge by Spanish Red Cross

Number: OP320050

Country: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Jamaica, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Themes: Capacity building, Fundamental principles, Organisational development, Volunteering

Institution: National Society

Pledge type: Open


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