Implementation of International Humanitarian Law

Yvette Zegenhagen, National Manager IHL, Movement Relations and Advocacy yzegenhagen@redcross.org.au


Note: This report has been prepared jointly with Government

The Australian Government and Australian Red Cross (ARC) work together on this pledge. The Australian Government and ARC maintain a regular and robust dialogue through the National International Humanitarian Law (IHL) Committee which meets quarterly. Engagement in this forum furthers a joint understanding of the partnership established by the auxiliary role.

ARC has developed a ‘guide to the auxiliary’ as a resource to inform dialogue with Government that will be circulated to the National IHL Committee in June. The National IHL Committee intends to schedule a meeting with ARC and across Government the second half of 2017 once the paper has been circulated to Government and feedback received in order to discuss and agree shared responsibilities under the auxiliary role.

ARC notes that they have not progressed this pledge as expeditiously as they had wanted, but there is now a clear plan ahead to ensure that ARC meets its milestones to progress this important commitment.