Asia Pacific National Society Migration Network

Vicki Mau, National Manager Migration Support Programs, vmau@redcross.org.au


Note: This text has been agreed with Government

Joint progress towards this pledge includes:

  • ARC, DFAT and DIBP have organised a roundtable to discuss trends and evidence from the Asia Pacific Migration Network (APMN – ARC is Co-Chair) that supports the exploration of opportunities to engage on regional protection for vulnerable migrants, and to build on existing regional cooperation. Preparatory discussions were held with DFAT (Humanitarian Section as well as People Smuggling Taskforce) and DIBP (International Division), and the roundtable is scheduled in June 2017.
  • In addition, ARC continues to engage on regional issues associated with Trafficking, People Smuggling and associated issues through the National Roundtable on Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery, and the DIBP NGO Dialogue.


In addition, ARC is committed to the following:

  • The APMN has now engaged 35 National Societies in the Asia Pacific. Twenty-four of these National Societies are represented on four region based and thematic working groups, including South Asia, the Pacific, Labour migration and understanding the needs of people who have been trafficked, and migration and health. The APMN has conducted a mapping of National Society migration related activities, and is currently mapping migrant issues and vulnerabilities on a country by country basis in the region.
  • The APMN works closely with the Asia Pacific migration advisors from ICRC and IFRC, and ARC will be taking a lead role in policy work for IFRC in global migration issues, including the Global Compacts on Refugees and Safe and Orderly Migration.
  • ARC also sits on the IFRC Global Migration Taskforce, which is currently designing a Global Strategy on Migration for all of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement, as well as a Communications Guide for all National Societies on working with States around the Global Compacts.

Progress report notes for 33rd International Conference

ARC notes and will report on a number of positive ARC notes and will report on a number of positive developments including:

  • Ongoing ARC access to all Immigration Detention Facilities and increased access to APODs.
  • Opportunity for ARC to review and provide feedback on a number of SOPs.
  • Increased and positive engagements with DIBP’s International Department.
  • Good progress regarding Canberra level meetings and engagements as well as report responses

DIBP notes the ARC’s commitments to report on positive developments and will continue to support the ARC to achieve these goals.