3 November 2017 (arrival of youth delegates); 4 November 2017 (full day);        5 November 2017 (till the Orientation session of the Statutory Meetings)


Driven by the IFRC Youth Commission, the #MyRCRC Youth Forum will prepare youth delegates for their meaningful engagement and ensure that the youth voice echoes throughout the Statutory meetings.

The #MyRCRC theme will also create a space for youth to reimagine what the RCRC Movement shall look like in the future and what kind of Movement young people would like to inherit.

Outcomes of these discussions, including the vision of young people on the next RCRC chapter in the context of changing humanitarian landscape, will not only be shared as youth-led interventions and inputs to substantive discussions during the Statutory meetings but will also greatly contribute to the IFRC centenary celebration in the 2019 and resonate during the 2019 Solferino Fiaccollata.

In addition, the Forum will become an opportunity for the youth leaders to discuss matters pertinent to advancing the Movement’s work and youth engagement regionally (Regional RCRC Youth Networks). To nurture meaningful inter-generational engagement of youth leaders during the sessions of the statutory meetings, the methodology of the Forum will bank on the peer to peer learning and support in both the substantive and procedural matters pertinent to the Statutory meetings.