National Society

Sharonya Sekhar
Policy Advisor, International Operations
Canadian Red Cross

Dissemination of the Principles and Rules to NS staff and volunteers, Training/ workshop/integration of the Principles and Rules into training

The Canadian Red Cross has printed and disseminated the Principles and Rules to CRC international operations staff, highlighting this as a key document fundamental to our work. In May 2017, CRC held a workshop session on the Principles and Rules for our senior field representatives from our operations across contexts internationally. The workshop included an overview of the Principles and Rules and then showcased scenarios where field representatives had to identify which principle or rule would apply to get people more familiar with the specific applications.

The CRC has also integrated the Principles and Rules into many of our core delegate trainings, including the CRC led and designed Operations Manager training, CRC sponsored FACT training, CRC supported RDRT training and for our own CRC Team Leader training.

Furthermore, the Principles and Rules is integrated into the CRC-IFRC Disaster Response Capacity Enhancement (DRCE) awareness sessions. DRCE is a methodology aimed at assessing a National Society’s disaster management capacity. Over the last year, CRC has held awareness sessions in the following National Societies:
• Pakistan RC (Feb 2016)
• Afghanistan RC (April 2016)
• Myanmar RC (May 2016)
• Mongolia RC (June 2016)
• Nepal RC (Feb 2017)
• Philippines RC (March 2017)

The Principles and Rules have also been integrated into the DRCE trainings, which were held twice in the past year:
• British, Netherlands and Lebanese RC (Sept 2016)
• IFRC Asia Pacific, ICRC and respective regional NS (Oct 2017)