National Society

Maja Antonić

Voditeljica Ureda izvršnog predsjednika / Head of Office of the Executive President

Hrvatski Crveni križ / Croatian Red Cross

e-mail: maja.antonic@hck.hr

Dissemination of IDRL Guidelines, Training / workshop on IDRL, Technical assistance, Peer to peer exchange (e.g. with other governments and / or National Society)

Research project, Technical assistance (e.g. provides input into a draft law or policy related to DRR, supports implementation of relevant laws and procedures, etc.), Training / workshop

Mainstream DRR across contexts and sectors, Engagement and contribution in national/local DRR platforms / Participation et contribution aux plateformes nationales/locales de réduction des risques de catastrophe / Participación y contribución en plataformas nacionales y locales para la reducción del riesgo de desastre, Support the development and/or Implementation of national DRR plan/strategy, Public awareness and public education , Assessment of risk and vulnerability, NS response and preparedness (contingency plans, standard operating procedures, pre-disaster meetings, disaster preparedness stocks), DRR legislation, Support the development and implementation of the National Adaptation Plan, Advocacy, Disaster preparedness and contingency policies, plans and programmes, Community early warning systems, Preposition disaster preparedness stocks, Training & simulation drills, Psychosocial support and mental health services, Water and sanitation support, Support in food security and nutrition

Croatian Red Cross is recognized as a reliable partner in the area of DRR, from local and state authorities as well as from population and most vulnerable groups. We are trying with our experience and position to advocate for sustainable and most efficient solutions to the problems identified