National Society

Maja Antonić

Voditeljica Ureda izvršnog predsjednika / Head of Office of the Executive President

Hrvatski Crveni križ / Croatian Red Cross

e-mail: maja.antonic@hck.hr

The Croatian Red Cross (CRC) assists health and care institutions as the auxiliary to the government with the network of 131 local Red Cross branches. The CRC can’t be directly involved in the work of health and care institution, but can assure first aid teams with trained staff and volunteers, as well as enhance the assistance and the functioning of health and care personnel and institutions.

The CRC Plan of action for the HCiD (i.e. Public Health in Emergency (PHE) is briefly prepared as it follows:

1. Establishment of Crisis management and collaboration - Ministry of Health with relevant health institutions and NGO
2. Situation analysis and need assessment at national and local level
3. Victims (wounded or sick persons) data collection and presentation of results. 78 local Red Cross branches provide access to necessary medical and orthopaedic aids for beneficiaries who are suffering from a long or short term disability. For anyone who needs medical equipment to live safely at home, the Red Cross provides aids such as: wheelchairs, walkers, bath seats and benches, toilet seats, crutches and canes, bed handles and other aids.
4. Preventive actions(shelters, food and hygiene parcels, water and sanitation, distribution of masks and gloves)
5. Health education (production of health leaflets, actual topic presentations or training)
6. Assistance in determination of priority measures for communicable and non-communicable diseases
7. Concrete actions and interventions (vaccination, personal hygiene, transport to medical centers, blood donation, helping the elderly)
8. Psychosocial support for victims or sick persons
9. Partner collaboration at national, county and municipality level (monitoring and surveillance)

We didn’t have such situations or actions in the country since the end of Homeland War in 1995, except big floods and temporary migrant crisis.

- No, should be developed for future time.

- Please, see the above Plan of action.