National Society

Lotte Bernhard, legal adviser, lbernhard@redcross.nl


The Netherlands Red Cross – International Department has been funding and implementing with the support of the NSs, 2 SGBV programme one in Burundi and one in South Sudan.
Among the activities carried out and in line with the recommendations of the SGBV resolution:
1. raising awareness among the wider population, including local leaders and men’s groups, of the prohibition of sexual violence, of the need to prevent such violence and of the need to assist and protect victims/survivors
2. Advocate for the access to the justice for the survivors of SGBV (mainly in South Sudan)
3. In collaboration with ICRC in Burundi the Netherlands Red Cross and Burundi Red Cross ensure that health facilities are accessible and have the adequate treatments for the post rape exposition and easy and friendly access to other services such as psychological support and economic support according to the needs and wishes of the survivors. In S. Sudan this services are ensured throughout a referral system.
4. Strength the local expertise of the NSs on SGBV prevention and response throughout trainings and capacity building as well as facilitating the coordination with other key actors, INGOs, UN agencies and National NGOs.

Both programmes have been implemented in conflict affected areas (Burundi and South Sudan) and prevention and support to the victims/survivors are the main areas touched by the programme

- Capacity Building and training to NSs on SGBV prevention and response (OP20)
- Advocacy to the in line ministries (justice, gender and social affairs, health) to keep high attention of the SGBV issues in their agenda, for instance access to justice in terms of law enforcement and training in S. Sudan is under discussion with the ministry of justice. (OP15)
- Awareness with key actors and civil society to prevent SGBV and further harms to survivors of SGBV (OP10)

There are some challenges: SGBV is taken by NLRC NS following campaign funding, but SGBV is not a main component of development and resilience building of communities. (for the NS but also not for the Movement at large) SGBV is not seen as an important area of the Movement’s mandate. Secondly, within the Movement, there is maybe not yet a full (political) commitment from leadership

The NLRC provides campaign funding on SGBV to ICRC. It is hoped that the IFRC may continue with their important advocacy work on Gender & Diversity and also on SGBV. It would be good if IFRC could provide specific training sessions for NS board members.