Strengthening the application and respect for the Fundamental Principles through an enhanced dialogue between National Societies and their public authorities

Caroline Hancock-Ebner
Programme Officer
Federal Department of Foreign Affairs FDFA
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC
Domain Humanitarian Aid and SHA / Multilateral Humanitarian Affairs Division


  • SRC and the Swiss government enjoy a good and sustainable relationship and regular dialogue. Close contacts with focal point persons are maintained on the strategic and operational level with many federal departments.
  • SRC implements several mandates and / or service level agreements for federal departments such as for health, migration, development and cooperation, defence and civil protection (first aid, Samaritans, training of nursing auxiliaries, domestic humanitarian aid), promotion of elderly care and youth.
  • Since 2016, the SRC receives again a general contribution for the implementation of its auxiliary tasks from the Swiss government (CHF 850’000 yearly).
  • SRC developed a brochure on the “Auxiliary Role” in 2014. The brochure will be updated in 2017/18 based on the IFRC Guide to the Auxiliary Role of 2015.
  • The SRC, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and the IFRC signed a MoU in 2016. The MoU institutionalizes and reinforces the long-lasting good relationship between the three institutions, focusing on strategic and thematic exchange as well as operational cooperation.
  • SRC is in the process of developing a Lobbying and Advocacy concept to further intensified, coherent and precise advocacy and lobbying work with the public and the ‘public authorities’ in particular.
  • SRC disposes of a “SRC parliamentarian group” whose 94 members are regularly informed about relevant topics, where SRC is involved in and need parliamentary support. SRC organizes at least one yearly meeting for information and exchange with the SRC parliamentarian group.
  • The Swiss government (SDC) and SRC have a strong partnership in the public education sector to enhance the Swiss youth to interpret situations from a humanitarian perspective empowering them to address challenges and take action in the spirit of the humanitarian values and principles: More see Pledge SP 320005.