The Icelandic Government and the Icelandic Red Cross hereby agree to cooperate in the execution of the following pledge:

  1. Prevent impunity in Iceland for violations of international humanitarian law by incorporating criminal provisions of international humanitarian law into Icelandic law, in accordance with international obligations of Iceland, before the end of 2017.
  2. Incorporate the Kampala amendments to Article 8 of the Rome Statute before the end of 2017.
  3. Advocate for respect for international humanitarian law at the international level, including for resolutions adopted at the 32nd International Conference of the Red Cross and the Red Crescent in Geneva in December 2015, which aim at strengthening respect for international humanitarian law and the fight against sexual violence in armed conflicts.

Action plan

Pledge data

Pledge by Icelandic Red Cross and Iceland

Number: SP320151

Country: Iceland

Themes: IHL dissemination, IHL violations (repression of), Sexual violence

Institution: Government, National Society

Pledge type: Specific



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