Being able to demonstrate that a humanitarian intervention is performed efficiently is necessary, but not easy. Evidence Based Practice (EBP) means that an intervention is based on the most recent available scientific evidence and has been discussed with experts and users. Knowing what works and what doesn’t and what still needs to be researched, is the basis of EBP.

EBP is more and more being used in development work, but is only very recently being started within humanitarian aid (HA). Therefore, there is a need to invest in further developing EBP in the latest.

The Belgian Red Cross and the Belgian government wish to look into the principle of EBP and study how it can be applied in Humanitarian Aid.

Action plan

  • Create a working group with representatives of the Belgian Red Cross and Government with other stakeholders on EBP in HA, specifically to agree on a definition of evidence based and determine how it can be put into practice and be financed.
  • Organisation of a seminar on EBP in HA with relevant stakeholders.



Pledge data

Pledge by Belgian Red Cross and Belgium

Number: SP320121

Country: Belgium

Themes: Disaster response, Others

Institution: Government, National Society

Pledge type: Specific


Belgian Red Cross

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