Austria and the Austrian Red Cross pledge to continue their close cooperation and mutual support in all matters related to the issue of nuclear weapons and to the humanitarian initiative for a world free of nuclear weapons. We further pledge to raise awareness together about these important issues, both at the national and at the international level. The aim of this cooperation is to fill the legal gap with regard to nuclear weapons in light of their catastrophic and unacceptable humanitarian consequences and the great risk which these weapons are posing for the entire planet.

Action plan

Evaluation criteria in 2019: At least 20 opportunities for awareness raising were used, Austria and the Austrian Red Cross cooperated closely on several occasions. Concrete initiatives to fill the legal gap were launched or strongly supported by Austria and the Austrian Red Cross.



Pledge data

Pledge by Austria and Austrian Red Cross

Number: OP320014

Country: Austria, Brazil, Qatar

Themes: Nuclear weapons, Weapons

Institution: Government, National Society

Pledge type: Open


Austrian Red Cross
Austrian Red Cross
Brazilian Red Cross
Qatar Red Crescent Society

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