From 2016 to 2019, Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) will:

Continue to play its auxiliary role to Chinese government in the humanitarian field and adhere to the humanitarian mandate and the fundamental principles, with the ultimate goal of protecting life and improving living and development conditions of the vulnerable. Further improve the capacity of humanitarian emergency response and enhance public awareness of disaster prevention and first aid skills. Achieve improvement in governance by legislation and in management by scientific approach. Invest in organisational development and human resources and mainstream youth engagement strategy in policy making and core programs.

Action plan

Action Plan:
1. Further strengthen the cooperation with the government, keep on improving the legal base of the RCSC to enable it to better perform its responsibility and mandate by law;

2. Actively advocate and participate in the dissemination of International Humanitarian Law and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, and expand the dissemination scope and field;

3. Improve the organizational development at all levels including the Red Cross grass-roots units, and build up the capacity of the Red Cross network as a whole;

4. Scale up the emergency response and rescue team through scientific, standardized and regulated management;

5. Continue to promote first aid programmes to raise public awareness and train over 12 million first aiders.

6. Reinforce Red Cross voluntary organisation and service by improving recruitment, maintenance, management and incentive mechanism, support volunteer-owned programs and provide enabling environment for volunteers to deliver service.

7. Increase the number of youth representative members at the governing board at different levels for decision making, and support the National Red Cross Youth Network and promote dissemination of humanitarian values.

8. Actively participate in the Movement and International Humanitarian Affairs. Mobilize resources from diversified channels and build up professional teams for international humanitarian emergency operations and development assistance programs.

Pledge data

Pledge by Red Cross Society of China

Number: SP320032

Country: China

Themes: Auxiliary role, Capacity building, Disaster response, First aid, Fundamental principles, IHL dissemination, NS statutes and legal base, Organisational development, Volunteering, Youth

Institution: National Society

Pledge type: Specific


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