As the platform for over 4,5 million individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families worldwide, Special Olympics acknowledges, commends and supports the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies on their important commitment to ensuring that their Movement is inclusive of individuals of all abilities. We further recognize the value of building a global network of individuals, families and communities that are resilient in the face of hardship, disaster and conflict – especially amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable in our societies. Special Olympics pledges to support the One Billion Coalition for Resilience by promoting and enabling individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families to gain the skills, resources and access to services that will improve their resilience and contribute to the strengthening of countless, inclusive communities. Special Olympics uses  the transformative power of sports to bring about lasting change to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families on and beyond the sportsfield. Our vision is that sport will open hearts and minds towards people with intellectual disabilities and create inclusive communities all over the world.

Action plan

Recognizing the importance of building resilience amongst vulnerable populations especially those with disabilities, Special Olympics, through its 5-year global strategic plan (2016-2020) supports the One Billion Coalitions for Resilience by:

  1. Continuing to advocate for governments, partners and stakeholders to redress governance systems and organizational policies and practices that marginalize, exclude or disempower vulnerable populations.
  2. Utilizing existing programming, including the unifying power of sport, to improve the social, human and physical capital of individuals with disabilities and their families.
  3. Working with Red Cross National Societies and coalition partners to identify, support, uplift and mitigate risk in vulnerable populations including those with intellectual disabilities.
  4. Promoting and contributing to the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (2015-2030) which mandate inclusivity and aim to build resilience through equal access to education; employment equity and economic growth; social, economic and political inclusion; accessible urban infrastructure and natural resources; and disaggregated data collection.

Pledge data

Pledge by Special Olympics International

Number: SP320013

Country: International

Themes: Community resilience, Disability inclusion, Social protection, Vulnerable populations

Institution: Observer

Pledge type: Specific


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