1. Why do I need to report?

According to Resolution 10 “Power of Humanity” adopted during the 32nd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent: “all members of the International Conference are invited to review in 2017 progress made with respect to the implementation of the resolutions of the International Conference, as well as of their pledges, and to report on the implementation thereof to the 33rd International Conference in 2019”.

2. What are the documents I need to report to?

Both the resolutions and the pledges need to be reported on. However, not all the resolutions adopted need a report on the progress made on the implementation from all the members.

Hereunder are the ones where you have a questionnaire to fill in:

32nd International Conference:

  • Resolution 3: Sexual and gender-based violence,
  • Resolution 4: Health Care in Danger,
  • Resolution 5: The safety and security of humanitarian volunteers,
  • Resolution 6: Strengthening legal frameworks for disasters response, risk reduction and first aid,
  • Resolution 7: Strengthening the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement response to growing humanitarian needs.

*ICRC will provide individual progress reports on the follow up to Resolution 1 and Resolution 2.

2015 Council of Delegates (for Movement members only):

  • Resolution 4: Adoption of a strategic framework on Disability Inclusion by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Pledges: all the pledges you have made and signed up.

All those documents abovementioned are available in the conference website: www.rcrcconference.org

3. How can I report?

This year, the reporting will be done online. Each member will have to fill in an online questionnaire for the resolutions which need to be reported (see above) and for the pledges you have made and signed up.

The reporting questionnaires are available on the conference website: www.rcrcconference.org. From there, first you have to log in (see below), and then you will be able to access to the reporting questionnaires.

4. Where can I find the reporting section?

In the conference website: www.rcrcconference.org. To access directly to the log in section, please click on the links below, you will be redirected to the www.rcrcconference.org website (the log in section is located on the right hand sidebar):

  • Here for the 32nd International Conference resolutions,
  • Here for the 2015 Council of Delegates,
  • Here for the pledges.

5. What are my “Username” and my “Password”?

Those two ID were created for each member during the 32nd International Conference in December 2015. The “Username” corresponds to your institution.

If you forgot one and/or the other, please contact reporting@rcrcconference.org (see below).

6. I forgot my username and/or my password. What can I do?

Please contact reporting@rcrcconference.org, specifying your name, work position and institution. We will give you your Username and reset a password.

7. In which language can I report?

You can report through the online questionnaires in English, French and Spanish.

For the Arabic, you will need to download the questionnaires in Microsoft Word format, fill them in, and send them to reporting@rcrcconference.org.

For more information on the reporting in Arabic, please go here for the resolutions of the International Conference, and here for the resolution of the Council of Delegates.

8. Until when can I report?

The deadline for the information to be taken into account in drafting the consolidated mid-term review is fixed to 30 June 2017. This online reporting system allows for progressive reporting, where members are able to enter information in a continuous manner (without interruption) for the final report on the outcomes of the 32nd International.

9. How members can report jointly on pledges?

If the members want to report jointly on a pledge, they will have to coordinate among each other, and make sure to indicate who is reporting on the behalf of whom. Another option is for all signatories of the pledge to insert the same information.

10. Can the members report jointly on a resolution?

No they cannot, because the members (National Societies, States and International Components) have a different questionnaire.

11. Do I need to report on all the pledges submitted and signed?

Members are invited to report on progress made only on their own commitments.

12. Who needs to report on the Open Pledges?

All members should report to the Open Pledges signed.  Open Pledges initiators should encourage all signed members on their reporting.

13. Will the reports make public?

Without the agreement of the members, the report content will not make public. However, the reports can be viewed by the other members of the International Conference (this functionality is still under development. Members will be informed once ready).

14. Where can I view the reports on the website?

The reports display section is still under development. Members will be informed once ready.

15. I have difficulties to access to the website and/or my internet connection is too slow. What can I do?

If you encountered difficulties with the Internet connection, please contact the nearby offices of ICRC or IFRC.

16. I don’t find an answer to my inquiries here, who can I contact?