This session builds on the long standing commitment of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to work with governments, host communities and all other stakeholders to meet the humanitarian needs of vulnerable migrants. The aim of this plenary meeting is to present the scale and range of humanitarian needs at all points along migratory routes around the world and to highlight the contribution of the different Movement components in addressing these needs.

The 31st International Conference adopted a far-reaching resolution titled “Migration: Ensuring access, dignity, respect for diversity and social inclusion”. With the growing plight of vulnerable migrants, we believe that this resolution remains relevant and it is vital that the Movement and States continue to promote its implementation. In the five years since 2011, this resolution has encouraged greater understanding of migration across the Movement and has led to significant progress in both the range of activities in support of migrants, and also in the number of partnerships, particularly with local authorities. But more needs to be done, and the 32nd International Conference took the opportunity to encourage States to establish and enforce laws that give Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies effective and safe access to all migrants.